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Welcome! I own and operate a homeschool/microschool in my home in Carlsbad, California (Rancho Carrillo neighborhood). I am a licensed family home childcare and a multiple subject certificated teacher in the state of California. 

In these ever changing times within our public school system in California, I've felt a tug on my heart to create a safe and comfortable place for kids to come and learn. I am a mother of five and have taught 3rd grade and a 1st/2nd grade combination class at Bonsall Union School District and San Marcos Unified School District.  If you can't tell already, I love kids.

In the state of California your child can be exempt from public school if they meet with a certificated teacher for 3 hours a day, 175 days a year according to CA Dept of Education code 48224. This is the same number of days required for public and private school although there is no reporting required for this option. 

My homeschool consists of two sessions (morning 8:30-11:30 and afternoon 11:45-2:45) with 12 children enrolled in each session. They are taught all the standards and subjects that are required in a cozy home environment. Some of it looks very much like a classroom with things like morning calendar, sharing, field trips, dress-up days, awards, and first day photos. Some of it will look different with things like cooking classes, gardening, & art.

My living room has been transformed into a classroom with tables, chairs, white board and more.

While teaching a combination class of 1st and 2nd graders I learned how to teach to individual children and not to limit them by their grade level. If a child is reading at second grade level as a first grader then they should be able to progress as far as they can. If a child is behind they will be able to work along kids at their level, while also being challenged by other children. I have an assistant, which brings the ratio to 6:1!

The children experience the social aspect of school on a smaller scale. They practice sharing, taking turns, caring for others, and other important interpersonal skills. Each relationship is nurtured providing a caring and safe environment for each child. 

Many parents struggle to teach their own children, I understand that. It can also be hard if you have other children at home to tend to or need to work. It's not worth the struggle and the strain on the parent/child relationship. 

A short 3 hour day is perfect for some children, especially kindergartners. A 6:1 ratio makes sure each child has more than enough time to accomplish all the milestones they need. After 3 hours of education they have the rest of the day to adventure. 

 I use homeschool curriculum called  The Good and Beautiful Curriculum It is an academic curriculum with Christian overtones. 

Tuition is $475 per month, per child, that comes out to a little less than $10 an hour ($10 x 3 hours x 175 days divided by 11 monthly payments). There is also a $75 curriculum fee on the first month. 

I already require hand washing upon arriving to my home and I will not allow children with a fever in last 24 hours to come to class. I will not require masks or social distancing as I feel it's almost impossible, not natural for children, and distracts from the learning process. Surfaces and bathrooms are cleaned twice daily if not more often. The children are given their own supplies to cut down on spreading germs. I also feel a healthy exposure to bacteria leads to a strong immune system. 

I would love to have your family join us. Learn more about enrolling here


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this work?

According to the California education code 

"Children not attending a private, full-time, day school and who are being instructed in study and recitation for at least three hours a day for 175 days each calendar year by a private tutor or other person in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of this state and in the English language shall be exempted. The tutor or other person shall hold a valid state credential for the grade taught. The instruction shall be offered between the hours of 8 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m."

Link to Law

There are two sessions, morning 8:30-11:30 and afternoon 11:45-2:45. We will follow the San Marcos Unified holiday and summer schedule since my older kids attend there. This includes the 175 days of instruction per year.

We will be using  The Good and The Beautiful curriculum and be sure to cover all required subjects:

(1) English, including knowledge of, and appreciation for literature and the language, as well as the skills of speaking, reading, listening, spelling, handwriting, and composition.

(2) Mathematics, including concepts, operational skills, and problem solving.

(3) Social sciences, drawing upon the disciplines of anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology, designed to fit the maturity of the pupils. Instruction shall provide a foundation for understanding the history, resources, development, and government of California and the United States of America; the development of the American economic system, including the role of the entrepreneur and labor; the relations of persons to their human and natural environment; eastern and western cultures and civilizations; contemporary issues; and the wise use of natural resources.

(4) Science, including the biological and physical aspects, with emphasis on the processes of experimental inquiry and on the place of humans in ecological systems.

(5) Visual and performing arts, including instruction in the subjects of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, aimed at the development of aesthetic appreciation and the skills of creative expression.

(6) Health, including instruction in the principles and practices of individual, family, and community health.

(7) Physical education, with emphasis upon the physical activities for the pupils that may be conducive to health and vigor of body and mind, for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each 10 schooldays, exclusive of recesses and the lunch period.

You will be charged $475 per month. The price is calculated at $10 an hour, which comes out to $30 per day. The children will need to complete 175 days a year of 3 hour instruction. I will divide the rate over 11 months (Aug-Jun) which comes to $475 per month.

I am currently looking at The Good and the Beautiful, curriculum. I will be charging a material fee to print and bind the books myself, as all printed options are out of stock at this time. 

I will provide all other supplies, manipulatives, curriculums, and supplemental materials. 

This rate is comparable to a M-F 1/2 day private preschool and cheaper than most babysitters. 

Monday - Thursday

20 mins - morning greeting, calendar, sharing

60 mins - Language Arts Rotations

20 mins - snack and play time

60 mins - Math Rotations

20 mins - music/read aloud/cleanup

We call Fridays - Fun Friday and we focus on science, social studies, art, PE games, etc

Rotations will be myself at one table teaching a lesson, another table with an independent activity including iPads using a program called Reading Eggs, and a third table with an assistant working on an assignment or game based on the lesson. Kids will be leveled and placed into three groups. 

I rarely get sick, but if I am unable to be there for unforeseen circumstances I will have substitutes available including my assistant,  with the help of my husband or 16 year old son. I will be looking for others as well. All will be background checked, finger printed, CPR trained etc as required by my childcare license. In some rare circumstances I may have to cancel.

I will be in constant contact and inform you of any concerns. There are also set assessment periods in the curriculum. The phonics app I will be using, Reading Eggs also sends reports on performance. I will also do report cards. 

The 175 days is the same number of school days as public and private school and children usually do not complete the entire year with 100% attendance. I will attempt to catch them up in class and can also send work home. As a private tutor, I am not required to submit any sort of attendance to the state. 

Yes I will provide a snack each day. They can also have access to water to drink during class. 

There is a rug area read alouds and morning message and then the rest of class time will take place at child size activity tables and chairs that you would typically see in a classroom, except our tables have dry erase tops!

I will always first attempt to redirect a child and also give a lot of positive reinforcement. We use a program called Class Dojo. Children receive points for good behavior and lose points for bad behavior. They are given tickets each day for the amount of points they have. We randomly pick tickets for Friday and they get to choose from the treasure box. They also receive marbles as a class to earn class parties. 

The only homework is our word club. Students will receive lists of words to read or spell and will be tested as they are ready. 

No, I do not feel it is natural or a good environment for learning. Kids need to feel safe. They need to be able to hug their teacher if they want. It's also important at this age to see faces when pronunciating words and sounding things out. Since I have a small group of children, I am not required to do these things. We will wash hands when we enter in the morning and each child will have their own supplies. 

I have to report any communicable disease outbreak to my childcare license department. There is a 10 day quarantine period. We can either extend the school year by 2 weeks or I can do distance learning during that time, most likely any live meeting will be small groups of 4 and I would send home meaningful work packets. We can discuss and possibly vote as a group. 

I am requiring a semester requirement (through December). These kids have had a lot of changes and I think the safety in consistency is important for them. It would be difficult for the children to see kids disappearing throughout the year and having to regroup each time. That being said I’d never want your child to be somewhere you didn’t think was best for them. I’d need at least a two week paid notice.

This is considered private tutoring. Charter schools are considered public school and I believe that’s how the parents receive funds. If you find a loophole to get funds from the state let me know and I’ll help anyway I can. 

About Our Home

You are always welcome to enter my home while your child is here. Pickup typically takes place in our 1 car garage as it is the quickest way to get the children to you, but you are welcome to stop in anytime. 

Yes. I have five children. Jacob is 16, Ty is 14, Kylie is 11, Carter is 7, and Gavin is 5.  The two older boys are legally old enough to be considered assistants in a family childcare.  My two youngest (under 10) count as children in childcare. I have got some really great kids, who also love kids. 

We are a Christian family who love families of all faiths. We have Christian symbols and sayings in our home, Christian books, and my children and I do talk about God, Jesus, and prayer in casual conversation. 

We currently do not have any pets. We foster dogs on occasion. I will notify the parents ahead of time before we receive a dog to make sure it is ok. We will most likely kennel them during childcare hours.

Yes. Everyone over the age of 18 who lives in my home and anyone who will be caring for the children (ie a sub) has to have a background check.

Yes. The upstairs, our office, and the 2 car garage. 

No. Our sons do have airsoft pellet guns they keep in their rooms off limits to kids. 

I have to follow certain city rules for childcare homes. I cannot have children out before 9 or after 5. From 3:30:5:00 they are free to play in the back and side yards. If it gets too loud I have to rotate kids. We also have a basketball hoop in the front yard that they can use if supervised by myself or one of my older children. They cannot play in the streets.

We have lived here since the house was built in 1999. We have developed a relationship with our neighbors. We have a large elderly community since we have a 1 story model on our street. We also have young families with children. Living on a street next to the school is frustrating for some of our neighbors. My main request is that you please drive slowly on our street. That is why I gave a 10 minute grace period.  If I have several cars racing up and down the street each day I am bound to get complaints and I would prefer to remain on good terms with these neighbors. 

Licensing & Certifications

Yes. I am currently licensed for a large family daycare that allows 12 children, plus my two children that are under 10 for a total of 14 at a time. 

CPR/First Aid

Mandated Reporter 

Preventative Health & Nutrition

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Yes I am a mandated reporter, which means I am legally required to report any suspected child abuse. 

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