Some Things About Us


It’s All About The Kids

I am a licensed family childcare provider providing after school child care for Carrillo students.  My home is located within walking distance to Carrillo.  Scroll down to learn more and to read about our policies and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions/Policies

Daily Activity Policies

I currently provide after school care from Grades 1-5 dismissal to a 5:30pm pick up time. There is a 10 minute grace period and then I charge $1 per minute starting at 5:40. 

I am looking into hiring an assistant to begin taking kinder at the 2:10pm dismissal time as well.

I would also like to provide morning care starting at 7am with breakfast and then walking them to school for an 8:30 arrival billed at $195 per month ($58 weekly rate). Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in by emailing me at

3:10 (2:10 on Wed): I will meet all the children in front of the school at a designated spot. I will take role  and then we will walk the safest route to my house.

3:30-4:00 (2:30-3:00 on Wed): Snack and homework. We will have a healthy snack and then I will help them with any homework they may have. They need to be aware of what homework they have and explain to me. I am also open to helping with school projects if you provide the supplies. Many children do not have homework or the parent's may prefer they do it at home and they can go straight to free play. 

4:00-5:15 (3-5:15 on Wed) - Free play. I feel strongly that these kids spend a whole day in a structured classroom environment and need the time to relax, unwind, and choose the activities that they enjoy. They will have access to board games, puzzles, arts & crafts, a piano, trampoline, swing, and nerf guns in the backyard, movies, and access to a Playstation and Nintendo Switch. There will be organized activities on occasion like baking, outside games, karaoke, dance parties that they can choose to participate in.

5:15 Cleanup and get ready to go home

5:30 Parent pickup

Yes. They will be served a healthy snack each day. I will never force them to eat what I provide. I’d rather they not bring a snack from home as it can make it difficult for the other children.If they bring something like a donut while I am serving fruit it can cause problems. State licensing requires me to only provide water, low-fat milk, and 100% juice for drinks.  I will have a snack schedule posted. 

I live a short distance from Carrillo Elementary. We will meet outside the school at a designated pickup area (last bench before crosswalk near KOC/bus lot).  I will do a role call and then we will bypass the stairs and walk along the sidewalk in the parking lot, up the hill to the Poinsettia crosswalk, cross on the east side, then turn and walk up my street. This is the safest path with the least amount of interactions with cars. I ask that the children walk calmly without jumping in neighbors lawns or property.

I will have a fanny pack with first aid equipment if anyone skins a knee. I will provide ponchos on rainy days.

If a student is missing at pickup I will text the parents and not leave until I have confirmation they are safely somewhere else. This makes it important that you notify me by text at 760-533-9993 prior to pickup if your child will be absent.

Please do remind your children to only leave with me or a designated sub that they will know about ahead of time.

The children will be ready to go at 5:30. If you plan to come early, text me, so I can have them ready for you.  You can park in my driveway or there is ample parking around my home. The children will typically be waiting in our one car garage/playroom so that you can grab them quickly. Please exit your vehicle and pick them up in the garage. Text me if you need me to bring them out to you.

I love to chat, but please know I am still responsible for all the children while I am chatting and that I also have my own family to make dinner for and care for after pickup.

Also once you arrive you are responsible for your child. It is really uncomfortable to have to talk with your child in front of you. Sometimes they will test this by acting out, perhaps refusing to leave because they are in the middle of something, jumping on the couch, etc. 

Kinders currently dismiss at 2:10, while grades 1-5 dismiss at 3:10. I normally only pick up at 3:10 and recommend kinders take the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday one hour enrichment class after school. 

I am looking into hiring as assistant so that I can begin taking kinders as the one hour kinder enrichment program offered at Carrillo may be cancelled due to covid. 

I need an assistant because I am not comfortable picking up the kinder children, walking them home and then back down at regular pick up time for the older kids and back up to my house.  

It is a case by case basis and you can check my website for open times and pricing.

We will be walking rain or shine. On rainy days I will provide rain ponchos for the kids to wear. If they would prefer to wear something else that provides good cover like a rain jacket please send them with one. I’d hate for them to have to sit in soaking wet clothes until pickup. Walking several kids with umbrellas can be difficult. I discourage them, but we can make it work.

I prefer Ms. Kim, but they can also call me Mrs. Turner. Parents can call me Kim.

**Covid update: We will continue with our practice of washing our hands upon entering the home. I will not require masks or social distancing. Children that are sick will be separated and parents will be notified to pick them up. I ask that you don't send children that have had fever in last 72 hours. My personal opinion is that covid has not been a threat to children and I want my home to remain a safe and comfortable place for children physically and emotionally. Beyond my own family, I am limited to 12 children in my care. I use natural cleaners and prefer hand washing to hand sanitizer. If we do use hand sanitizer I will provide a safe product. I try hard to limit that amount of chemicals the children come in contact with. 

I will contact a parent for a child who has a fever above 100, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, bad cough or other conditions contagious to children or if they are feeling miserable. 

If a child is scratching their head often I will check them for lice. They will need to be treated before they can return to childcare and I will continue to monitor. I myself have dealt with lice in my family.  It is very normal for children in school, especially girls with long hair to get lice, but it can be difficult to get rid of. So please make sure all nits are removed and continually check daily. I highly recommend the Robicomb Eletronic Lice Comb, it can catch what you can’t see. You run it through your child’s dry hair daily and it will make a noise and kill the lice on contact. I have one in my home. 

Please text me at 760-533-9993 if your child will be absent. I don’t always see my voicemails. Please notify me prior to pickup, otherwise we will all be waiting and worried about your child and won’t leave until we get a hold of you. 

Yes. It will need to be provided in the original container and you will need to complete a form ahead of time. I require that the first dose of any medication be given by the parent so they can watch for side effects and reactions. 

My husband is my emergency sub. He has been fingerprinted, cleared by the licensing agency, and is CPR/First Aid certified. He is also a very fun and responsible caregiver and will have the help of my older children. He is self-employed with a flexible schedule.

If both of us will be gone I will do my best to find a qualified substitute to watch the children at my home. I do not foresee any reason to have to cancel, but emergencies do happen. I will notify all parents via text as soon as possible if I will have to close for any amount of time. 

I have 12 retro 😉 lockers, one for each kid. When they arrive at my home they are to put their backpacks and belongings in their locker. They are welcome to keep items from home in their locker like a blanket as long as everything fits. 

I prefer that all children put any devices or phones that they have in their lockers. You can text me if you need to speak to your child and I can have them check it. Every parent has a different comfort level when it comes to games and videos and I would hate for one kid to show another kid something while here. I also do not have the ability to monitor every device. We will have age appropriate movies and video games here to play, and also Chromebooks for homework. 

Communication. Please let me know what is going on at school, in the home, illness, anything you feel will help me better help your child. I will also communicate with you anything I hear during my time with your student. 

I use Remind, a texting program that allows me to text all parents at once or individually. This will be my preferred method. I may use email or call as well.  

Most issues can be easily solved with a simple conversation or redirection. If this does not work I will give them some quiet time to reflect away from the group. If the behavior continues I will let you know. Sometimes children have underlying things going on, trouble at school, didn’t get a goodnight sleep. Let me know what’s going on so I can be sensitive to that. 

Yes. You will need to supply all the materials. I will assist, but the project will be student led.

No, but my son does. Check his website out HERE

I will ask parent’s to sign a photo release so that I can share photos here on my website. I may also text photos to the parents on occasion. 

Payment Policies

My current rate for after school care for Carrillo students is $75 per week (that’s less than $6 an hour) with a pickup time of 5:30pm. This includes all 5 days and early release Wednesdays. It does not include any school holidays, but does include minimum days. 

Your account will be auto withdrawn for $250 per month for months Jun-Aug on the first of the month. This rate is the $75 per week multiplied by 37 weeks of school and then divided across the 11 months. 

I charge a late fee of $1 per minute starting at 5:40pm

August/June 2 weeks 

Nov/Dec/Jan/Apr 3 weeks 

Sep/Oct/Feb/Mar/May 4 weeks 



There is a $25 registration fee that you will pay through this website. It uses a Paypal gateway, and you can pay via Venmo or credi/debit card.

I use auto-pay that withdrawals on the 1st of the month. Bank withdrawals are free. If you choose to use credit card there is an additional fee (I pass on the fee I am charged).

If you need to stop care you must give a 2 week paid notice. 

I allow a 10 minute grace period, and then charge $1 per minute that you are late. Please drive slowly through our neighborhood. There are children that play and also an elderly population that won’t hesitate to complain. We have been here over 20 years and I’d like to remain a good neighbor and save myself the hassle of dealing with complaints, hence I give the 10 minute grace period :). 

If I am not full with full time M-F slots, I can open up for  daily spots. 

No, typically we are closed during any non-school days. I may be able to provide care on some holidays  where parents typically work and will let you know ahead of time the rate and if I’ll be open. 

Yes, please give 2 weeks notice so I can fill your spot. 

Yes. If you take a vacation for have a sick day you are still required to pay for the month. I cannot hold spots without full payment for care. I am only allowed a certain number of children and I hold that spot for your child. 

About Our Home

You are always welcome to enter my home while your child is here. Pickup typically takes place in our 1 car garage as it is the quickest way to get the children to you, but you are welcome to stop in anytime. 

Yes. I have five children. Jacob is 16, Ty is 14, Kylie is 11, Carter is 7, and Gavin is 5.  The two older boys are legally old enough to be considered assistants in a family childcare.  My two youngest (under 10) count as children in childcare. I have got some really great kids, who also love kids. 

We are a Christian family who love families of all faiths. We have Christian symbols and sayings in our home, Christian books, and my children and I do talk about God, Jesus, and prayer in casual conversation. 

We currently do not have any pets. We foster dogs on occasion. I will notify the parents ahead of time before we receive a dog to make sure it is ok. We will most likely kennel them during childcare hours.

Yes. Everyone over the age of 18 who lives in my home and anyone who will be caring for the children (ie a sub) has to have a background check.

Yes. The upstairs, our office, and the 2 car garage. 

No. Our sons do have airsoft pellet guns they keep in their rooms off limits to kids. 

I have to follow certain city rules for childcare homes. I cannot have children out before 9 or after 5. From 3:30:5:00 they are free to play in the back and side yards. If it gets too loud I have to rotate kids. We also have a basketball hoop in the front yard that they can use if supervised by myself or one of my older children. They cannot play in the streets.

We have lived here since the house was built in 1999. We have developed a relationship with our neighbors. We have a large elderly community since we have a 1 story model on our street. We also have young families with children. Living on a street next to the school is frustrating for some of our neighbors. My main request is that you please drive slowly on our street. That is why I gave a 10 minute grace period.  If I have several cars racing up and down the street each day I am bound to get complaints and I would prefer to remain on good terms with these neighbors. 

Licensing & Certifications

Yes. I am allowed 14 children under 10, which includes my 2 children. That leaves 12 spots. 

I am a former teacher with over 30 students in a one room classroom, so 12 children is a nice sized small group. I have five areas kids can be with different activities, plenty of space to spread out. I have 2 children over 14 that meet the assistant requirement and I may also be hiring an assistant. Your child is in good hands. 

CPR/First Aid

Mandated Reporter 

Preventative Health & Nutrition

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

No, since all of the children attend public school I legally do not have to check since the school already does this. 

Yes I am a mandated reporter, which means I am legally required to report any suspected child abuse. 

At this time I do not, but am looking into it for the future. I do have homeowners insurance coverage.